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Fire Life Training Associates is proud to announce

An interactive Disabilities Awareness course for first responders


A first responder driven course for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and their families

Disabilities awareness for first responders is crucial. As emergency personnel work within their communities, it is vital that they know how to serve all individuals and their families. Unfortunately, in even the most up-to-date departments, instruction on how to understand the needs, actions and reactions of a person with an intellectual disability, is rarely discussed or taught. As First Responders we know that time is of the utmost importance, and being prepared to recognize that an individual has an intellectual disability, and being able to understand how to serve that individual, can mean the difference between life and death.

Our training: Breaking Barriers provides vital training to first responders, on how to serve individuals with intellectual disabilities, and trains on how they can better understand the reactions and perceptions that they might encounter during an emergency situation, and how to break down potential barriers of service. The course covers understanding and awareness, communication, misconceptions, and stress points and actions of the individual with a disability, allowing for a better understanding of how to work with these behaviors, and what they mean. The training also offers key points on disabilities and the homes of those with disabilities, that will help keep the first responders safe. In some geographical areas, we will also introduce participants to an individual with Down syndrome, which will allow attendees to ask questions, and hear for themselves how to better understand communication with people with intellectual disabilities. We also provide important materials to go back with the First Responder, and tangible items to help them when they serve their


This course is available nationally to all first responders/departments (fire fighters, EMS personnel and police officers), and is available for local and national first responder conferences, and academy/educational level first responder training. This course takes 3 hours, which includes Q&A, and a break.

The second offering provides highly interactive, hands-on trainings that allow for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, to work directly with and learn from first responders about what to expect in an emergency. This piece provides individuals and families with the experience to touch and put on fire gear, examine emergency equipment, listen to sirens, see the inside of an ambulance, and to garner an authentic experience of what might happen in an emergency, and what not to be afraid of. Specially illustrated and age appropriate books (and coloring books) are also provided during these sessions, as well as take home materials that includes a family emergency plan booklet.

This course is available nationally for non-profit organizations, schools, day programs, and independent living facilities. In 2021, Breaking Barriers will be offering quarterly trainings in a number of geographical areas, for the disabilities’ community and families at large.

Currently Breaking Barriers is awaiting its 501 (c)(3) non-profit determination, so we can embark upon grants to provide free trainings around the country.

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