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Founded in 2020 as Exact Life, Inc., Fire Life Charities  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide tangible hands-on programs, support, and resources to fire families and the first responder community at large.  

Whether it be financial support, mental health intervention and resources, retreats and seminars, or scholarships for firefighters and volunteer departments to attend much needed (but un-attainable) training, Fire Life Charities is committed to providing quality programming and meaningful support. 

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The organization offers the following four programs:


Whether it be a firefighter or volunteer department in need of vital training that is financially out of reach, a fire wife in need of a women's retreat. a fire child who needs a specialized masters level life coaching, or a fire family as a whole in need of support, Fire Life Charities provides free services and scholarships to assure that everyone receives the services that they need.

The Disabilities
Life Fund –
Breaking Barriers

Children, self-advocates, and adults with intellectual disabilities are often treated differently. Instead of focusing on people's abilities and that we are more alike than different, the community at large focuses on the disability they see in front of them.


One of the most significant gaps we see is that of the first responder and individuals and families of those with intellectual disabilities. In 2019 Fire Life Training created "Breaking Barriers," a highly interactive training for first responders, which teaches them how to interact with, and serve, individuals within the disabilities community.  


In January of 2022, we added the additional piece of providing interactive training sessions for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, led by first responders, on what to expect in an emergency.  


Now under the 501(c)(3) arm of the company, we work diligently to provide these programs nationally, at no charge, to the first responder organizations and to the families and community organizations that live and work with individuals with disabilities.


This flagship program is in great demand and has been created in partnership with first responders, individuals with down syndrome and autism, and their families.


Read more about Breaking Barriers here:

The Fire Family Fund

The Fire Family Fund is set up to respond in two ways: 


  1. Provide financial aid to families of firefighters in need of medical care, mental health treatment, or through times of trouble.

  2. No cost youth life coaching for the children of firefighters


Read more about the Fire Family here:

The Fire Wife Life

In May of 2021, after working with a small group of firefighter spouses on a retreat, we started Fire Wife Life, a company that supports firefighters' wives across the country and beyond!


The Fire Wife Fund exists to provide financial support for wives who are struggling.


Read more about Fire Wife Life here:

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