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Our Story

It started 5 years ago, when as firefighter wives we started to see one another at different conferences and events around the country. We didn’t talk, we didn’t really interact at first, just the “hello” while passing in the hotel hallways, or as we ran into each other at dinners.


As time continued, and the number of conferences and events grew, so did the number of wives, and before you knew it, we bonded! While “the guys" were in class, we were together. We talked, shared our lives, talked about our kids – and talked about our lives as wives of firefighters, and the challenges this presents. We drank mimosas, laughed, cried, and began supporting one another year-round, not just when we were together at events and conferences.


Fast forward to today, we are true and close friends, and we are a Fire Wife Tribe! We travel together, we talk by phone, we meet for drinks, we Zoom, we know one another’s family, and we are there for the important moments in each other’s lives.


In December of 2020, while drinking mimosas on a balcony overlooking an ocean, we knew we had to make this something more tangible for all wives, even those who we had not yet met! We realized that we represent all ages, all stages of marriage, and we have all had our own challenges. Because of this we knew we could make a difference, and grow our tribe. That was the moment, “Fire Wife Life” was born.

Our Programs

Fire Wife Life - The "Get-Real" Conversation

Through highly interactive "get real" conversations, we work as a national team to lead seminars, weekend retreats, conference presentations, and various events that allow for wives to laugh, cry, share, and get really honest in a safe and fun space, with other women who live this Fire Wife Life.

Fire Wife Life - The Brunch Chronicles

This is the same as our "Get-Real" Conversation. However, we use a restaurant or pub space that includes drinks and a day out!

Fire Wife Life - The Conference Builder

If you have an annual conference, and you are looking for events for your spouses, we can build that for you!

Fire Wife Life - The Retreat

Many wives need some time away to talk more in-depth (1 and 2 day retreats), and experience the time together with other spouses who understand what they may be going through. We will choose the locations, and put together the weekend, you just come ready to talk honestly and openly, while you further build your support system and tribe!

Fire Wife Life - The Wives' Obstacle Course

Although wives will never fully understand what it is like to put on the gear and respond to a working fire, or rescue call, we have worked to simulate an altered version that wives will actively participate in as "firefighters".  We have added fun twists and a few great gifts along the course.  We hope to provide spouses with at least a basic idea of the physical challenges our husbands face while working.


The Issues
Although every marriage is unique, we have found that fire wives face many of the same issues. Here are just a few of what we hear most often:

●    Family vs. the fire station
●    Use of time: “When he is off for 24 or 48 hours, why is he doing things that don't include me?        Why is he hunting? Why isn't he helping around the house?"
●    Infidelity concerns with female firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency personnel      
●    “I make more money, why is he, or his schedule more important?"
●    “Why won’t he take off work for important things to me or the kid’s events?"
●    Children and the MANY issues that accompany raising them in a fire family
●    Competing with the “hero syndrome”
●    The home power struggles
●    I think my husband has PTSD
●    My husband is very distant after he returns home from the fire station, especially after a tragic


      To book a program with Fire Wife Life call us at 404-242-3640!

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