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Politics and The Mission

2021 is off to a strange start! We all witnessed our Nations Capitol being over taken by what can only be described as domestic terrorist. This summer we witnessed buildings being burnt, looting and even attacks on our members, again domestic terrorist. Now before you label me, I have a right to my opinions. I also believe all of you have the right to your opinions. This is what makes our country great!

No doubt in fire stations across this country there have been and will continue to be debates over this country's political climate. We are all Americans and should have these conversations, we should question what happened and how it effects us. The fire service is a large and diverse family and in every family there will be disagreements and even some arguing. However, at the end of the day we our still family and count on each other!

The fire service as a simple, yet complex mission "Save Lives and Property". To fulfill our mission we need our family, we require teamwork and must have the proper leadership to execute flawlessly every time were called upon to do so. I have had the honor to work alongside some incredible firefighters and leaders, I have had great days and bad one's, success and plenty of failures. I can remember the names and faces of the first crew I was assigned to, I remember my first fire, first injury, first save and first fatality. I have no idea if these men were republicans or democrats, no clue how they voted or if they voted. I do know they cared about the people we were sworn to serve. We did not just save white people or black people, we did not just help rich or just poor people, we did not ask anyone if they were gay or straight. We simply fulfilled our mission to them and each other!

Our leaders in Washington could learn something from us. When you focus on the mission, you make a difference for everyone. Politicians need to focus on the mission of serving us, not their agendas or themselves.

I encourage all of us to talk more, learn about each other, respect each others ideas and beliefs and stay focused on the mission!

Keep Training

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Kevin Mccart
Kevin Mccart
Jan 09, 2021

Well said!!

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