The easiest thing to do is complain! It takes no effort, research or even facts to complain about something. Think about some of things you’ve heard!

- “these new engines are not laid out right”

- “$500 for new uniforms is bullshit”

- “our training section sucks”

This list could go on and on, but someone would complain.

I’ll admit it, I’ve complained and most of the time it was about things that truly did not matter or I didn’t know the facts. I didn’t know, because I didn’t bother asking and complaining was way easier!

Besides being lazy, people complain;

To get attention

Avoid responsibility

Excuse poor performance



The easiest way to stop being a complainer is to take action.

  1. Before you complain about something, ask yourself do I have all the facts or just repeating a rumor.

  2. If your unsure, ask someone. The key here is to ask the right people or you may find even more to complain about.

  3. If your not sure who to ask, try doing some research. I'm not suggesting Google has all your answers, but when we take the time to research an issue, we also learn what questions we may need to ask.

  4. Different perspectives and problems. A friend of mine recently sent me a slide he uses in his departments officer class's. Basically it breaks down what each rank in a department is most concerned with and how these different perspectives can lead to issues within an organization. This is why asking questions to gain understanding is so vital.

Were humans, we get angry and frustrated and sometimes we complain. Taking action may not resolve every issue, but just sitting around and complaining about won't solve anything!

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