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Where can the Fire Service take you?

I'm 35,000 feet in the air, listening to a little Metallica and heading home from Kemah, TX after attending and teaching at the 3rd Coast Conference. While there, District Chief Clyde Gordon said something in his class and I couldn't get it out my head; "you never know where the fire service will take you".

I started thinking about this and thought about where the fire service has taken me? My mind immediately turned to Forrest Gump! A simple man that traveled, suffered heart ache, love, adventure, friends and lived a life that most would be jealous of.

I have been in the fire service my entire life, my father was my first Chief and mentor. I started as a cadet at 16, spent over 30 years with the City of Atlanta and now have the honor to teach and work with some of the most incredible people throughout the country.

I have sat and had beers and dinner with legends to rookies, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime and look forward to every class, every trip and have no idea what's around the next corner!

The Fire Service Path & Options

The majority of us get into this job, for the jobs. We want to help people and make fires everyday. However, as our careers and lives change our paths can vary. Think about the different opportunities the fire service provides:



Hazardous Materials

Technical Rescue







Crash Rescue

Swift Water and Dive



Union Rep

It's amazing when you think about the different opportunities and options. This job is only limited by your own ambitions and how hard your willing to work. The one thing the fire service will not do, is hand you these opportunities. This to me is what makes our profession great! No hand out's no free rides.

The fire service has taken me all over the country, it has provided me with opportunities, friends and memories that will be with me for life. Take some time and look at where you are and try to imagine where the fire service could take you.

Keep Training!

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Jake Hill
Jake Hill
Mar 19, 2021

Most if not all my friends have come from “the job.”


Kevin Mccart
Kevin Mccart
Mar 18, 2021

Well said. Because of the FS I have met and become friends with some amazing individuals (not only FF but spouses and other family members) who make be a better FF and a better person. Thank You everyone!!

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