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The FIRE Family



There truly are two fire families.  One is the station and department, and the other is home, spouse, and children.  More often than not, these two “families” fight for time and attention, and while the firefighter is caught in the middle, the spouse and children live in the unique world of growing up in what is often the secondary role to the fire department, and station/shift life.


The Fire Family is the brainchild of Zac Edwards, son of our founder Todd.  As a young adult who grew up in a fire family, Zac feels it is important to include the children of firefighters into the conversation and work to make sure that their unique experiences are represented while growing up.  Zac and Todd created the program together, and present as a father/son duo, with interaction from actual fire wives.  The family dynamic, coupled with their real experiences as father and son, make this a powerful and interactive course for those who attend. This unique program truly addresses the impact that the fire service has on the family unit as a whole, and on the firefighter individually. 


The Fire Family is an available program for any department, and we also present at conferences across the country.  

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