The FIRE Family

Within what is commonly referred to as “The Fire Family”, there truly exists two families for the firefighter; the fire house/fire department, and their families at home. Unfortunately, these two families compete with one another for attention and time, and in our new program we will be having an open dialogue of the real dynamic between balancing these two. While many programs are only focusing on the marriage dynamic, this program also focuses on the children of firefighters, and their thoughts, concerns and voices.


This program was actually the brainchild of Zach Edwards, the 28 year-old son of Fire Life Training founder Todd Edwards, and together they created the program, and they present this course as a duo. Their dynamic, and their real experiences as father and son, make this a powerful and interactive course for those who attend. This unique program truly addresses the impact that the fire service has on the family unit as a whole, and the firefighter individually.


Zach is a Certified Life Coach with additional certifications in both family and group dynamics. He is also the founder of Exact Life, a 501 (c)(3) that serves bullied children. Zach currently -- works with Fire Life Training as our Youth Outreach Director.


To request this program for your department, or at your conference/event, please call us at 678-554-8229